Got a New Mount from the Moogles

There is currently an event called the Moogle Treasure Trove going on in FFXIV. It ends when Shadowbringers launches, so only about three weeks left.

If you do dungeons to collect their special tomes, then you can get some mounts, minions and other items. But it takes 30 tomes for a mount, and 50 tomes for other cool items, so it takes a long time. Stop by an Itinerant Moogle in the capital cities to see what they offer. After two long days of spamming the low level dungeons with a few level 50 MSQ Dungeons tossed in, I was able to get a mount that I’ve been wanting – The Ixtal Dire Wolf.

And like almost all the mounts, it flies too.

All the dungeons are low level, so almost everyone can participate, but you only get 1 tome per run, and it takes about 20 minutes for a low level dungeon and 40 – 60 minutes for a high level MSQ dungeon that gives 3 tomes.

I was able to level my Dark Knight to level 50 over the past two days and get level 50 Ironworks Weapons for my Dark Knight and Machinist jobs. Two days for one mount. Long days at that.

The XP gain is almost as good as running Palace of the Dead and the queue times were very short when queuing with Dark Knight since it is a tank of course. I only ran the Machinist a few times so waiting on a DPS queue was not that bad.

Here’s the complete list of items on the Itinerant Moogle Vendor:

See you on the “First” in Early July with Shadowbringers.

A few more days of grinding and I got these:

Here’s the Boreas Steed mount. I’m not normally a fan of horses in this game since they messed up the running animation. When you gallop a horse mount in this game, the rear legs run alternately, which is not the way a horse gallops. When a “real” horse gallops, the rear legs jump together while the run legs run alternately. Most quadrepeds run this way including dogs. It’s odd that the wolf mount runs correctly, but all the horses in the game don’t run correctly, at least not as horses run on Earth. I guess Eorzean horses are different. I’ve got to admit that the Boreas Steed is a nice mount, even if it gallops wrong.

Notice the Elf sits side saddle. I’ve not noticed this before.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.

Update: The quickest way that I’ve found to farm Moggle Tomestones is to spam Castrum Meridianum with a Healer or Tank. Queue times for a healer is less than 5 minutes but as long as 20+ minutes with a DPS job. Each run takes about 25-30 minutes and you get three tomes. Folks have reported in the forums that the MS Roulette gives the tomes as well, but the duty finder does not say this. And you risk getting The Praetorium, which takes almost an hour to complete for only 3 tomes. Also, folks report that you can do some of the Raids in less time for Two Tomes each run. I’m surprised that you can run a raid in less time than CM, but the cut scenes in CM cannot be skipped so maybe it’s possible. I’ve been getting a mount – 30 tomes – in one day of grinding with a healer and I’m almost done getting a mount with each of my Alts. The bad news is that you need to be level 50 and have completed A Realm Reborn Main Sequence Quests to be able to requeue for this Dungeon since it’s one of the last two instances of the ARR game. I’m not a fan of these events with so much grinding for ho hum rewards. But I’m almost done getting a decent mount for each of my Alts. With Shadowbringers, the word is that all mounts can fly, and the Dire Wolf and Boreas Steed can fly now.

100 tomes for an Earring? Seems like nonsense. Of course if you only have one Main toon, it might not seem like such a grind.