Grand Faction Mounts

I have completed the quest chain to obtain the Grand flying faction mounts from Pandaria. Whew. It took a month or so to get Exalted with the Dominance Offensive faction and then a few hours to grind through the quests to finally Ring the Bell and get the mount. Of course you can get the Armored version of the mount for Gold when you reach Exalted, but I prefer the non-armored versions of the mounts. For the non-Armored version, you need to complete the quest chain, the last few of which require Exalted with your faction Rep in Pandaria. The Guides know all.

Along the way, the some of the quests get a little confusing, so I suggest this Guide and the comment sections of the quests when you get stuck.

For example, for a quest called “What’s in the Box?” the last step would not complete. It turns out that the guards, which have been upped to 110, were killing the mob before I could get in a hit. So as a Death Knight, I dropped a “Death and Decay” on the box before I triggered it and that caused some damage before the guards could get at it. I had to re-log with the character screen several times to reset that part of the quest before I succeeded. Just an example of the complexities of the quest line. The comments were very helpful whenever there was something tricky, like getting the bell from under the tree in Darnassus – yep, you sneak into Darnassus as a Horde player. Be careful.

Another tricky part is avoiding getting one-shotted by Jaina Proudmore in Dalaran while you’re there killing the Silver Covenant – no more spoilers.


All in all, it was a fun time and I got Four Sweet mounts. You only have to do it on one faction to get the mounts on both factions.

BTW, I did this whole exercise as a Horde Level 101 Death Knight tricked out with Heirlooms. But with this, I got hit by Jaina once, and stepped on a Red Square when I shouldn’t have. So even high level characters can die on this one. But after carefully studying the comments, I was able to sneak into Darnassus for the bell without fighting any of the guards. Wheew.

Good luck,