Headphones from HDMI?

So what if you want to listen to headphones in this modern HDMI connected world?

There were some old converters, but they only decoded 2.1 sound. Here’s one that decodes 2.1 or 5.1 sound. 2.1 sound is not going to be enough. Most broadcasts these days are 5.1 or 7.1 and most Set Top boxes and BluRay can be dumbed down to 5.1, but probably not 2.1.

HDMI Audio Extractor

One website where you could buy this for about $190 is here:

Lindy Electronics

Here is the item on the site.

In addition to one of these you’ll need some wired or wireless headphones and a converter from TOSLINK or a headphone jack to the headphones.

The Better Solution

But this is almost as much as these new headphones that do the whole problem.

Katana HD Headphones Black.jpg
Tritton Katana HD Headphones

These are designed to work with Consoles or your TV and peel the sound, up to 7.1, off the HDMI signal on the way to the TV and allow you to talk wirelessly back through a USB connection to the game console or PC.


Currently they are on Amazon for about $200. Available in Black or White.