Discord – Great Audio / Text Chat

Discord Audio / Text Chat

Discord is an audio / text chat app aimed at gamers. And it is way better than skype, teamspeak, ventrilo or mumble. Look at what it does when you share a link? It reads the page and provides a summary in the chat window. If you hit a wordpress post, then the featured image and first paragraph are fetched. Wiki fetches the first paragraph of the article. There is probably some standard web interface to ask a website for a summary. I don’t know. But this just works great.

Discord is very easy to set up, and works in a browser window or as  desktop application on Windows or Mac and on your phone with apps for IOS and Android.

Why should we put up with lousy apps that haven’t changed in years, like Skype Teamspeak, and Ventrilo. Even Open Source programs like Mumble are hopelessly out of date and clunky.

Discord appeared in May of 2015 – according to the wiki page. About time. The folks at Microsoft are not working on Skype. Except to add advertisements.

No New Features, just Ads

What a waste of time.

And mumble may have worked on security, and it does work. But you have to pay for a server, and it’s clunky and difficult to set up.

Mumble Client with links

And you have to purchase a server, for as little as $20 for life, but still. And then set it up with pages like this:


And this:


But with Discord it’s like this:

AS_000040.jpg  AS_000041.jpg

Two boxes and you are good to go with a server, at least now, for FREE.

So far I’ve had one conversation for an hour with Discord. We’ll see. Looks great so far.