GW2 Killing Zhaitan the Elder Dragon and Other Things


It has been a busy week. We have been working on our personal stories to get ready for the upcoming update. A future update will be changing the storylines One of the changes will be to the last segment of the original GW2 story – the Killing of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan. Briefly, the story segment will go from a 5 man dungeon, to a 1-5 man instance that can be solo’ed. I wanted to experience the original before the change. There are no plans to change the Explore mode of the dungeon.

There is a photo album here of our fight, certainly not complete, but there are YouTube videos of the entire hour long encounter, so no need to be detailed. There are no real details or spoilers, except pictures of Zhaitan, which is pretty amazing. Continue reading “GW2 Killing Zhaitan the Elder Dragon and Other Things”