Guild Wars 2 – All Level 80 Now

Level 80 Human Warrior in Crafted Rare Gladiator Armor

We are all level 80 now. The last push for most of us was with crafting. It’s pretty easy, and not that expensive, to level from 76-77 to 80 by leveling a crafting discipline. We have an Armorer, Weaponsmith, Leathercrafter, Huntsman, Tailor, Artificer and Jeweler among us.

We are all wearing crafted armor and most of us have crafted weapons. All Rare level 80. Not yet Ascended gear, but we will be working on that.








You can stop the slide show at the bottom left and then look at each of the images. Expand to full screen if you like.


The molten gauntlets are a skin reward for 3000 achievement points and can be worn by any character, but I think they only look good on the Charr Guardian with his wicked Heritage plate armor skins. His armor is crafted Gladiator rare armor. The human warrior is showing off the Gladiator rare crafted armor with no change. At least it shows some style which most other plate armor for women does not. The ranger and thief are wearing Sneakthief armor skins, which look a lot better than the long trench coats that are the noble rare leather armor. The mesmer and elementalist are wearing Masquerade rare crafted armor. The Asura engineer is showing off his crafted rare noble armor without any change except for his hat which is the privateer skin with a scarlet feather. The Sylvari necromancer is wearing heritage armor skins, which look better than other skins for her race. Stylish and formal is a better look for her.

Level 80 is not the end. It’s only the beginning. We are preparing to kill Zhaitan.
See you there.
– ww