Wow – Expansions Too Hard to Play

Level 90 Death Knight
Level 90 Death Knight


Now, before you decide I’m just a whiner, give me a moment. I’m not new to Wow. I played many toons up through Cataclysm and two into Pandaria. I left it behind a while ago and now I’m back trying the Public Test Realm [PTR] in preparation for the Warlords of Draenor. No WoD content in the PTR yet.

I created a Level 90 Death Knight, a class I’ve played a lot in Wow, and started out with the quest that I was given. I was toast. The template toons are created to allow someone to play the new content right away to test the new things. And from looking at the stats you would think that this template toon was tricked out. But as soon as I went to the Timeless Isle – where the quest sent me – I was toast.

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Tera – Gathering for Your New Reaper

Your New Reaper
Your New Reaper

Great. So now you have a Reaper. And after you finish the starting area, you find that you have no gathering skills. What’s the best way to get going? Well you might start with a gathering guide. But it might be out of date. I started with this one. But I found some hints to get going.

First of all, the Fey Forest may not be the best place to start actually. You might want to start your 0-100 gathering on the Island of Dawn. The nodes seem to be closer together, of all types and you don’t have to mess around with fighting anything, as easy as that is.

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Tera – Costume Betrayal

Santia's Robe Template
Santia’s Robe Template

As of the update on 13 May 2014, the whole costume and Fed Bills system has changed. The templates available previously in the Fed Bills store are no longer available. The remodeling system is no longer available. The looks are still there, but there is no way to pass them along to new armor. You are stuck with what you have. See previous post.

There are some really strange items in the Fed Bills store called things like “Design: 24-Karat Robe” which is described as “Craft a permanent 24-Karat ensemble”. This is a crafting recipe that combines Robe, Sleeves and Shoes to create a “Costume” that will fit in the costume slot.

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