Battlechair Moving Day

Aurora R2 at Battlechair
Aurora R2 at Battlechair

I decided that if I’m going to get any use from the SSD I had better move it to where I use my computer the most. So I swapped the computers to put the Aurora R2 with the battle chair. I’ll swap them back after I upgrade the Armor 90 system to a 500GB SSD in a couple of months.

The Plan

The plan is to upgrade the Armor 90 system to a 500GB SSD and this will free up 2 650GB 7200 rpm drives that were in a striped array as the system drive.

Then I’ll migrate the CyberStorm [server and data backup system] to a single 650GB drive for it’s system since system performance is not that exciting for a server. And I’ll migrate the AlienStorm system – Alienware 2006 system – to a single 650GB drive as well from it’s pair of 250GB drives as a RAID array.

Why the Plan?

By eliminating RAID system drives I’ll be able to use SpinRite to periodically check my drives and “polish” them so they are more reliable over time. SpinRite has never supported Raid arrays.

That’s the plan. Smoking performance for the systems I use the most, and reliability for all by using SpinRite.

– windy