Corel Video Studio Pro X5 – Great Inexpensive Video Editing

Corel VS Box
Corel VS Box

Corel Video Studio Pro X5 is a great and inexpensive video editing suite for editing and burning both DVDs and BluRay disks.

I’ve been capturing game play footage from video games and wanted to make BluRay disks of that footage to remember and share what it’s like to play some of these games. I captured the game footage with Fraps  as full screen on my 1600×900 monitor with sound. Fraps allows you to define a hot key to start and end your video capture, so at anytime while you are playing the game,  you can start recording video. Corel VS made it easy to edit the videos, adjust clips, make short video backgrounds for the menus, and then burn the BluRay disks.

While I am making BluRay disks from video game footage, you can use any HD footage from your vacation, kids or whatever. The process is the same.

There are a ton of options, transitions, effects and other things in Corel Video Studio. I don’t use any of those, although I have used the titles. They are easy to apply if you want to use them, and there are tutorials on the Corel site and YouTube to give you more help. Continue reading “Corel Video Studio Pro X5 – Great Inexpensive Video Editing”