Alienware Aurora R2

Alienware Aurora R2

I would never have bought a new Alienware computer again, although my Alienware Area-51 Desktop is still going strong. But a friend came across this 2010 Alienware Aurora R2 with a decent configuration for a song, as they say. So I couldn’t pass it up.

The case has not changed in the last couple of years. Still the same lighting, and the same door. Touch the Alienhead and the door gently slides down to access the media slots and DVD drive. this new computer is liquid cooled with a setup that looks like a alienware customized Corsair H80 single fan cooler. Instead of a lighted Corsair logo as the button to control the pump programming, the button is a lighted Alienhead. Continue reading “Alienware Aurora R2”

PS3 Died, New Vizio Blu-Ray Player

The PS3 died.

While playing a DVD, the machine suddenly stopped. I thought the problem was the BD player, and I disassembled the system, based on information on YouTube, to remove the DVD, which would not eject.

The system would run the BD motor each time it was started, but then stop and beep.

It is not certain that the problem is the BD drive. BD drives are going for about $60 on Ebay, so it seems to make no sense to repair the device. I’ll sell it on Ebay.

Update: The Vizio player was a bust. It had problems with my HDMI switch. The Sony BDP-S590 is a much better choice. I have had no problems with this model.

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