Dekaron Evolution is fun and stable

Dekaron Evolution

In the past couple of weeks, I got bored with Wow and have gone back to Dekaron. Last April I was playing quite a lot on the private servers, and I have gone that way again.

Dekaron Evolution is the winner and I’ll be spending most of my time there.

Update: This server is gone as of Sep 2012. Apparently in-fighting among the owners and staff has led to it’s demise.

Three of the servers I’ve used are:

Dekaron Nemesis – This one levels quickly up to about level 150, and then you have trouble finding your items since you have to be over 200 to go to places where 145 armor drops. This is a change from last year. It’s a slog – too much like grinding – to work East Aries in parties to get to level 200. Too many maps and other things are broken. While they now have Alokens, they do not have the newer classes Concerra [female summoner] and Seguriper [male Segnale]. They do not seem serious about enhancing things since their staff appears to be one person. Special rings, armor and weapons for donations show that they have some good graphics designers, but there are too many broken links and inability to get 130+ items from drops when you need them is a show stopper. Their recent update has removed the Falconer 145 hunter armor pieces so that the client crashed when the character was selected. Eventually recovered the character with a fixed “Return and mail items” function on the website, but the Falconer armor is still missing. Too many problems.

Elite Dekaron – Things are not a lot different than they were last year. No new classes. No compelling reason to go there. Another nasty thing is that stats for two classes have been changed: Summoner twinswords now use Str and Dex rather than Str and Spr so that high level characters do not have enough Spr to do spells effectively. Also a change was made to Segnale stats. These kinds of changes are very disruptive and in the case of summoner, have very nasty effects in overall function of the character. When spells take 200+ mana and you only have 800 mana since your Spr is low, the character is basically crippled.

Dekaron Evolution – A very professionally run operation. This server was a little scattered last year, but they have upgraded to all the new classes, and new high level maps. They have Aloken, Concerra, and Seguriper and I have been playing all of them. The maps, drops and TP points are all there. You can easily get to the Tomb of the Black Dragon and the Cursed Maze to get level 95 – 115 armor and weapons. It looks like you can continue to level quickly above 130, although I have yet to get that high. They make special provisions in the launcher for running two clients so you can do trades.

Pics of the new classes will arrive soon.

– ww