More DRAM with a Glitch

Corsair Vengeance 6GB

The Cyberpower System from November 2010, was ordered with 6GB of memory. An additional 6GB of memory is down to $39 with free shipping, so I went for it. Looks like I got the last one. 😉 They are out of stock and don’t expect any more. But I’m sure that other similar memory packages are available for similar prices.

The memory arrived and installed with no problems, but then the system would not boot. Turns out that the RAID system had a problem on system restart. The RAID controller did not wait for drive spin up, so the BIOs reordered the drives in the boot menu, and after that the system would not boot automatically. I was able to boot it by selecting the RAID array from the BIOS boot menu.

Stopping in the BIOS and reordering the boot menu fixed the problem. The system  has an ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard.

Another tip, you might want to consider whether DHL should be your shipper of choice. The memory was left in my mailbox out on the road, rather then at my door. For a couple of dollars, I could have had UPS deliver the memory, and it would have been dropped at my door, which I’ll do in the future.