Facebook News Feed Filtering Bug

What were you doing when the problem occured[sic]?:

I’m trying to filter out game or other updates from my friends in my news feed. I clicked on the drop down menu to the right of a story and chose unsubscribe, from whatever it was – game update or photo update. And observed that the post changed to a confirmation that I wouldn’t see those anymore. Then when I return to that page, or refresh the page, all the stories that were filtered out reappeared. Looks like it’s totally broken, dude. Hey dude, make this work, please. [just trying to use age appropriate language, dude or dudesse.]

What did you expect to happen?:

I expected them to stay filtered out.

 What actually happened?:

If I come back to the news feed, or refreshed the page, the filtered stories reappeared as if I had done nothing. BTW, takes too long to upload a picture for this post. That seems to be stuck too. And if I’m going to tell you about a bug, then you need to allow more than one pic, like before and after or before during and after.