TomTom – Wow Addon for Mapping

World of Warcraft has a free to play starter edition with restrictions. Some are:

  • No Trading. They are preventing trial accounts from being used as farmers apparently.
  • Can’t invite players to Groups [Parties].
  • Can’t whisper unless they are a friend.
  • Can’t use mailbox. Again the farming problem.
  • Not all races are available.
  • Characters are capped at level 20 out of 85.

But you can have up to 10 characters per account so you can explore a lot of the world and figure out how things work.

Add Ons EcoSystem

World of Warcraft has a huge ecosystem of AddOns that add and change functions of the program. I needed a way to see my coordinates on the map to match up with quest descriptions. There are a ton of map addons so I chose a simple one. You can find TomTom here and comment on it here.

Compass without TomTom
Compass with TomTom








Here’s the compass of Wow without TomTom – Where Am I? With TomTom no problem I get the coords at the bottom.

But there’s a minor problem in the Small Map.