Guild Wars – Mercenaries Build Powerful Teams

Mercenary Party

Guild Wars recently added “Mercenaries” which are ways to add the other players in your account to your list of heroes – or players that you control as part of your team. Heroes were added with the “Nightfall” expansion and at that time were characters that you gained by progressing in the game. Nightfall had about a dozen heroes, and the “Eye of the North” expansion added many more heroes to this list, but still with the idea that you gained heroes by doing quests.

Mercenaries allows you to build your own heroes in two ways:

  1. Use the other level 20 PVP or PVE characters in your account as heroes.
  2. Create a PVP character in your account, use it as a hero, and then delete it.

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CyberWar – The War is On

Cyber War

As I write this we are seeing daily reports of hacking and break-ins to commercial and defense enterprises world wide:

But it seems we are not doing a set of straight forward things that we can do to prepare for and mitigate the impact that cyber war is having on this country. We can start with some simple and comparatively inexpensive steps.

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Whither Apps?

What’s the big deal with apps over webpages?

Short History Lesson

In the day of the web, starting 20 years ago, say 1990, web pages were all the rage. By 2000 we had the (dot)com boom. Nobody was talking Apps then. We weren’t writing hundreds of thousands of apps for our PCs then. The concept of having a single program on the PC that could display hundreds of thousands of websites was the way things went. We could have had a PC app boom then. Continue reading “Whither Apps?”

VirtualBox – Ubuntu Host / Guest


Installed VirtualBox on Ubuntu x64. At first there was a problem: starting Guest hung system. But this problem was eventually found as a BIOS setting. Avoid enabling Limit CPUID MaxVal in BIOS when using VMM. Now system is working fine. At first, VBox installed from Ubuntu PPA, but then removed that and installed as per this page. Either would probably work fine since problem was BIOS setting.

Now have Ubuntu x86 and x86 guests running on x64 system.

Clean systems are now available for testing programs in both x86 and x64.

– ww

VirtualBox OSE on Ubuntu 11.04 – Won’t Start

Update: Problem found. In BIOS DISABLE Limit CPUID MaxVal – Set Limit CPUID MaxVal to 3. Should be Disabled for Win XP. I had enabled this when I enabled VT-X support. VirtualBox works fine now. I have updated to Vbox 4.0.8 by installing from their PPA, but VirtualBox 4.0.4 OSE from Ubuntu PPA probably works just fine too. Both Ubuntu x86 and x64 guests work fine on Ubuntu x64 host.

Host: Ubuntu 11.04 x64 – VirtualBox-OSE 4.04 r70112 installed via package manager.

Guest: Ubuntu 11.04- but I never get that far.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400. with VT-X extensions. Enabled in BIOS.

  • How can the problem be found?
  • What can be tried to get this going?



Guest is as follows: Guest_Ubuntu_32bit_Config