FireFox Menu Problem

I recently upgraded to Firefox 4 on ubuntu 10.04. I did this by setting the ppa as described in many places: For example:

   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable
   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get upgrade

After doing this, firefox has been working for many days just fine. On several of my systems [ 3 of my systems ]. Now I come back to one of my 10.04 systems and find that the menus of firefox are unresponsive. They do not work at all. The book marks do not work. Processor is not busy. Plenty of memory. Network is working fine. If I type into the google search bar and type enter I get a page and I can navigate from there, but the menus and bookmarks are totally unresponsive.

What gives? I have rebooted the system and nothing changes. Menus work fine in other apps, for example System Monitor. and the Window Manager menus are fine. Menus work fine in the web pages. Bookmark menus highlight, they do not pull down. Menus on the menu bar do not pull down. Toolbar buttons work fine.


I fixed the problem by starting firefox in a terminal. Works when you start it that way, and works fine afterward. This problem was reported by me ages ago ( i forgot actually).

Back in Nov 2010. Strange. but the bug is still with us after all this time.

– windy

see attached troubleshooting info:



VirtualBox – Ubuntu in Windows


Virtual Machine systems have been popular for servers for a few years now. They save big time $$ when setting up server rooms since most of the server systems in an IT shop aren’t that busy. But recently VM has become popular for desktop users. Many of the reasons we used to use “Dual-Boot” systems are much better served using VM. There are several reasons why you might want to run VM on your system:

  • You have a windows system and want to run Ubuntu.
  • You have a Mac and want to run Windows occasionally.
  • You have Windows, or a Mac, and want to have a system where you can surf safely, for example to do your online banking.
  • You are doing development and want to have a “clean” system for testing.

One of the most functional, and easiest to deploy, VM systems is VirtualBox. Now inside Oracle, this system was originally developed at Sun and is Open Source, and free. Microsoft has Windows Virtual PC,  and you can run Windows XP or Ubuntu on your Vista or Windows 7 system. But of course, it has no support for Ubuntu or OS/X as a host, so why learn more than one system? I’m going to use Windows and Ubuntu systems as hosts, so I’ve chosen VirtualBox.

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