Ho3k – Mounted Combat

Mounted Combat

Mounted combat is available from level 30 in Heroes of Three Kingdoms. But the quest chain to achieve it is not well documented and is confusing. This is a guide to gaining Mounted Combat with a minimum of cost and headaches. I had to attempt it three times before I got it right and finally help from the forum got me across the last stumbling block. It cost me 3 Gold in Money to gain it rather than the usual 1 Gold, so I’m trying to save you the money.

Steps for Success

First you must be level 30, and you must have at least 1 Gold of Money, Funds don’t count. You will need money. You don’t need an upgraded mount, however. I was able to use a Docile Tiger Cub and I assume that a Recruit’s Horse will work as well. You automatically get a speed boost of .5 m/s when combat is enabled so travel with combat on is a good thing for a slower mount, or any mount for that matter.

First 3 Riding Skills

First of all, visit an equestrian and purchase the skill for Master Horsemanship. Your riding skills should have the first 3 riding skills before attempting Mounted Combat. At this point you can visit Sun Zu and get the Mounted Combat quest. Click on the image below to find him. He’s in the West Market of Chang’an.


Visit Sun Zu

After you get the mounted quest from him, you need to purchase a ticket to the Campaign.

Ticket for Campaign

You’ll find him right around the corner from  Sun Zu across the bridge. Choose Missive – I think they meant Mission here. Purchase the WhiteHorse Chapter ticket for 1 Gold.

Now visit the campaign starter Sun Ren across the bridge,

Skills before you attempt Campaign

You should have the shown skills already. If not, visit an equestrian and purchase the skills too up through Master Horsemanship.

Choose Sun Zu Trial Campaign

Now talk to Sun Ren and choose the Sun Zu Trial quest. The Legend list is shorter. You may have to change Realms using the button on the upper right of the compass dial to one of the supported realms. Now you will find yourself in the campaign.

The Campaign Trial

The campaign is a Fetch quest, but that’s not the hard part. If you don’t know what’s up, you’ll miss getting the skills at the end of the quest and lose the 1 Gold.

Get yourself mounted up and talk to Sun Zu to start the campaign.

Ready to Start campaign

Now starts the confusing part. You talk to Sun Zu to start the campaign. Then when it starts you talk to him again to get the quest to get a little box. DON’T go running off with out the timed quest to get the box. You’ll just have to run back and get the quest again.

Get the Box

Once you have the quest and the timer is going, then run off and get the box.

The Box location

The box is to the right of the Shrine to the North East of the start point. As you head off, watch for landmarks so you can run back quickly. Stay on the road until you see the shrine on your left. While most monsters are low level there are apparently a few nasty ones. I got nailed by a single blow just after I got the box and was ReSpawned back at the start. Lucky for me I already had the box. You can easily complete the quest if you get nailed, there is time for two trips to get the box in the 10 minutes if you run straight for it.

Finishing the Quests and Get the Skills

When  you get back. AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Not only do you need to complete the quest, but then you MUST IMMEDIATELY TALK to Sun Zu again to get the mounted skills. BEFORE THE CAMPAIGN ENDS. If you don’t get them, you’ll have to spend another gold to get another ticket.

Your screen should look like this after you get the skills.

Campaign End, Got skills

Once you get the skills you can let the timer run out to return you to Sun Ren. I think you need to get all the skills even if you don’t have the weapon of that class. Remember that you will be getting a secondary class weapon and you’ll want to ride with that one too. That’s why some of the new skills look Red now. They are for other weapon classes.

Now you have Mounted Combat.

The Skill Bar

All you need to do is set up the skill bar to use them.

Mounted Skill Bar

When you use the Mounted Combat skill – 8 above – it switches you to another skill bar. The buttons on the right of the skill bar will switch you between modes in case they get messed up. I set my skills as follows:

  1. Attack skill for you weapon,
  2. Pick up from action menu,
  3. Charge Up or buff.

As you add mounted combat skills you’ll want to add more. Also I’ve included a HP buff as 9, and  you may want to have TP to town as 0 [zero].

Look at the top right to see if you are using Mounted Combat. It looks like you can use it all the time, even while you are traveling. You apparently get a speed boost so it’s useful to always have it on.

Mounted Combat Indicator

So now as you level up, you purchase more Mounted Combat skills and away you go. Killing from your Mount. To upgrade with new Mounted skills, see Sun Zu again and take the Mounted Combat campaign again. Each time it will cost a Gold, but Gold should be easier to come by as you level up.

– windy