Heroes of Three Kingdoms – Hints

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Heroes of Three Kingdoms is a FTP MMO from Perfect Worlds. I’ll put a detailed review in later, but I wanted to post a major hint for playing at levels between 20 and 30 now. I’ll show you how to make your weapon glow like this picture.

Enchanted Gear

As you play from lower levels you will get a Recruit’s Pack which opens every 5 levels with bonus items. At about level 15 you begin getting New Xiliang Seals which are exchanged at the local clerk for bonus armor items. At level 20 you get a level 22 weapon for your class as well. The armor from the Clerk, or from the Recruit’s Pack or from Quests can be Enchanted with stones from the clerk to make them more powerful. This is a large bonus and not only that the weapons and armor glow to show that you have enchanted them.


Another bonus you should be sure and get is any quest that gives a “Title” reward. These are flagged with a Green name in the quest. You will get your first quest early at about level 12. One quest for Miao characters, elves apparently, gives you [Mountain Lord], and there is a corresponding quest for the Yan race, humans.

Gear Repair and Upgrade

Don’t forget to stop by a Merchant [any one will do] to repair your gear. Costs very little to make sure your gear is repaired. I have no idea what happens if you let your gear get damaged to zero. You might lose it.

Stop by a weapon smith to upgrade your weapon often. I find that the armor that I’ve received from Quests and the Recruit’s Pack can’t be upgraded, but he weapons can. Check the weapon stats to see when they can take and upgrade.

Enchantment Details

Here are the detail of enchanting your weapons using seals. Click on pictures for a larger view.

Enjoy playing Ho3K.

– windy