AlienFX Software – Bugs / Workarounds

AlienFX Fusion Woops

Based on a forum post, the AlienFX hardware now works, but if you use this software on Win 7 x64, there appears to be a problem.

It was indicated that the Alien Fusion component would not work, but the problem is that there is a memory leak or other problem that causes the program to apparently grow without bound. After several hours, I found that the AlienFusionController.exe was 1.7GB image size in memory. Clearly a problem.

AlienFusionController.exe out of control

After some experimentation, I figured out a workaround to disable the Fusion component and still be able to use the AlienFX theme editor so the lights can be changed.

Here are the steps for the workaround.

  1. Rename the AlienFusionController.exe in C:Program FilesAlienwareCommand Center to something else, for example AlienFusionController.exexx, to prevent it from being launched.
  2. In the services panel, disable the AlienFusion service, and stop it.
  3. Stop the AlienFusionController.exe process from the Task Manager, or reboot at this point the AlienFusionController.exe will not be running.
  4. You will no longer be able to launch the AlienFX Editor from the AlienHead in the notification bar at this point. But that’s ok. Create a shortcut to C:/Program%20Files/Alienware/Command%20Center/AlienwareAlienFXEditor.exe on your desktop or pin it to your start menu.

Problem solved. The editor works fine, the alien head in the notification bar may be non-functional, but no memory hogged by the AlienFusionController.