AlienFX Software – Fails on Vista x64


An Alienware Desktop from May 2007 has been upgraded to run Vista x64. At this time I cannot find a working version of the AlienFx software to power the AlienFx Lighting Interface and the desktop is dark. Since the upgrade to Vista x64, the lighting has worked since the settings were saved inside the AlienFX interface, but after a memory upgrade to 8GB, the AlienFX lights are now dark. I need to have the system lighting working on this system. The system was purchased with a 4 year warranty and so is under warranty until May 2011.

While Alienware did not support Vista x64 at the time the system was purchased, they have supported 64-bit operating systems since shortly after the system was delivered.

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Spokeo? Helpful or Extortion?

I heard about Spokeo and I’m passing the word. I’ve removed myself and here’s why.

To remove yourself, for free, go to their Privacy Page, and follow the simple instructions.

Spokeo claims their information is available from public sources. However, do we really know that? Do we know that they have not made relationships with database companies that folks would have to pay dearly to join to get my information, for example. They don’t say that, at least not in the large print that I could read. Continue reading “Spokeo? Helpful or Extortion?”

Software Sites Recommend Me.

Now that I’ve put up some new shareware programs on Source Forge, software sites have started to “recommend me”. They must be employing folks in a far off country to do some simple tests and an automatic virus scan and then put the page on the site. The problem is that I’m not sure they link back to the Source Forge site so that updates are evident to users.


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