Our New Sister, the Paragon

Hello. My name is Mistress Stormcloud, and I’m a Paragon, a leader of warriors.

Sunspear Armor in Blue

I began my career on 21 July 2010, and was able to rapidly progress with help from my brothers and sisters who have come before me. Usually it is very difficult to save gold and materials to obtain new armor and weapons, but since my brothers and sisters have provided for my training, I was able to use the best armor and weapons from the very beginning of my training.

After starting my training in Chahbek Village in Istan, I was able to do a few quests to obtain the 100 gold or so required to open a Xunlai Storage account, and at that point I could obtain the gold, materials and weapons that my older siblings saved for me.  Among the first of these was a very powerful Droknar’s Spear that Windy Reaper obtained when he completed Eye of the North. This spear and a powerful Daedal Shield [both with +30 health bonus] allowed me to mow down the foes to complete my early quests without fear of damage.

Droknar's Spear
Daedal Shield

At level 10, I was able to obtain two things that were of a lot of help. One is MOX, a hero who is a very powerful robot. Since we all have access to all the worlds of Guild Wars, we can each obtain MOX as we reach level 10 to help us progress in our training. Also, when I was level 10, I was able to pay for a ride to the Consulate Docks outpost, which normally I would not reach until I was at level 17. This allowed me to purchase the most powerful armor, normally not obtained until much later in the training. At that time I purchased the Sunspear Armor and I decided, based on my novice status, that I would dye it blue.

At level 15 I journeyed to Tyria to accomplish two tasks: Obtain the help of Olias the necromancer hero, and obtain a skill called Chaos Storm, to round out my Mesmer skills. Olias is easy to recruit after completing an easy quest, but it took some time to journey through many long miles of Kryta, and the Northern Shiverpeaks to reach Yaks Bend where I could obtain Chaos Storm from a skill trainer. The foes along the way were only level 8 or 10, but it was a long and arduous journey. The skill was very useful however, and it has served me well in my secondary profession as a Mesmer.

Along the way in my training in Istan I recruited several heroes and each in turn, except MOX, needed to be trained. So we would quest together so that we all reached our maximum potential.

When we had reached level 19, we set sail for Kourna from the Consulate Docks to bring the fight to the Kourna homeland.

There was still much training to do to bring me and my heroes to level 20, and when we accomplished that, just before the Venta Cemetery quest, we set sail for the Eye of the North to continue our training in the Far Shiverpeaks. It turns out that there are many skills and new armor that one can obtain in the Far Shiverpeaks that are very useful in whatever quests you may like to pursue. With my superior weapons, armor and training, I was able to complete the Shiverpeak quests in only a few days and then return to Kourna to continue my quests there.

Reaching Eye of the North First Time

Completing the Eye of the North campaign I was able to obtain a Droknar’s shield to go with my Droknar’s spear, so that now I have a matched set. Also, I was able to obtain the rank of Slayer of Wurms with the Norn and they have allowed me to purchase some very stylish Norn Paragon armor, which I have displayed in my Hall of Monuments.

Norn Armor, Hall of Monuments

So in seven long days of training over about ten days, I have been able to reach my full strength as a warrior in Elona and to continue to aid in the effort to prevent Nightfall.

May the five gods protect you,

Mistress Stormcloud