Wakoopa – What software have you been using?


Wakoopa is a free software service that keeps track of what software you have been using. I heard about it on the Windows Weekly podcast from back in January. I’m just now catching up on missed episodes.

To use Wakoopa, just sign up for a free account and install the little program on your system[s]. The little applet [ 3MB ] uploads the info to the website so you can review and share the statistics.

There’s even a way to publish the data to your blog or social networking site.
Software tracking

Here are recent programs that I’ve used:
Software tracking

I’m not sure how useful this will be, but Leo and Paul like it.

BTW, there are ways to eliminate programs from the list, either for privacy reasons, which is where you find the feature, or because “Presentation Settings” is not a very interesting to keep track of.

Wakoopa keeps track of both programs you run and websites you visit, at least some websites that are built in.

– windy