Microsoft Security Essentials – Coming to a Computer Near You

Update: MSE is available now for everyone. On 3 October 2009, I have moved all my computers from AVG Free to MSE.

Microsoft has entered the business of AntiVirus software by simplifying and repackaging their Corporate Security suite for home users. The new program is called Microsoft Security Essentials. When this is released, it will be free for use by non-commercial users and will run on Windows XP, Vista and Version 7.

Currently the Beta is closed, but the program will be available later this year. Based on all the reviews I’ve seen – Security Now for example – this is a light weight, but very robust anti-virus.

When this comes out I will be installing it with an eye toward eliminating my use of Free AVG.

More news when it appears,

– windy

Theme updated to Nebula 3.0

I updated the theme to Nebula 3.0 by Gx3. I was using a previous modified version of the same theme before. The new theme has some advantages like the expandable sections. Still not widget savvy though apparently. I need to update this theme to support the series plugin.


– windy

Hypercosm Fails in Firefox 3.X

Update: Fixed in a new release of the Exporter. A working version of the scene is here.

Fails in Firefox 3.0.12 and 3.5.2. Website reported as a failed site.

Using Max 2009 on Vista x86, SP1, I created and exported a simple scene with a knot, 3 lights and a camera.

Here is the scene on this website.

The model does not play in Firefox 3.0.13, either from the file system or from this website.

It does play in MS IE 8 both from the file system or from the website.

The samples on the hypercosm website play in both MSIE 8 and Firefox 3.

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