Audacity – Copy / Paste Bug

Audacity has a bug when copy/paste is used on a segment of audio in a track.

Audacity 1.2.6
Vista x86 SP1


click for full size image.

To reproduce the problem:

  1. Record a segment of audio.
  2. Select a portion of the audio and
  3. point to a point beyond the audio recording on the same track and
  4. paste. Observe that the pasted audio is tacked to the end of the recording, not at the paste point.
  5. Select the Envelope tool.
  6. Observe that Envelope handles for the pasted audio are displayed beyond the audio data.

I have tried to reproduce this outside of this test project and was not able to reproduce the problem. However, the picture above indicates that this problem does exist for some series of steps.

I suggest that the audio paste should have occurred at the mouse position rather than at the end. This would require adding a segment of silence to the file.

Also, I’m not sure how one can move a segment of audio along a track without moving the entire track. For example, if the alignment of the pasted audio needed to be adjusted, then I’m not sure how this could be done. The Time Shift tool apparently moves the entire track, not just the selection. I’ll check the documentation.

– windy