First Date in Second Life

I’m a noob to Second Life, an on-line virtual world.

I’m not pushing it and I’m not reviewing it. That’s been done in many places. But here are some pics from my first “date” in Second Life cyber-world. I met Stephi at a shop and we went exploring and shopping for her and for me for about 4 hours.

Here is Stephi the way she looked as I met her. She was helping another girl buy something in a store when I walked up and talked to them. This is a picture of us right after I picked up some very nice elf ears for L$35.

Stephi as I met her

Here we are in a big store shopping for her clothes. She bought that really cool skirt. There are no “changing rooms” in SL stores.
Stephi and I shopping

Stephi really liked her new skirt and then she put on a blouse and some boots [built in apparently] to complete the outfit.
Stephi really liked her new skirt

I may see Stephi again in SL.