5 comments on “Installling Linux for the First Time

  1. Yast2 finally worked to update the system.
    But Firefox is broken. It gets an XML parsing error trying to download files. Sigh… Have to download using windows and write packages such as MySQL, Apache, etc. to CDs to install them.

  2. After some initial headaches software installation of additional packages is working. But space is running short. There is only 5.3 GB of this 9GB HD to use as a root partition to allow for swap and some user space. After installing Apache, MySQL, php5, and Gnome development [C++ and an IDE] there will be about 500MB left in / partition. I guess a bigger disk is called for pretty soon. And a DVD installation media is called for. Swapping all these CDs in and out to install additional software is a pain.
    The GNOME desktop looks very much like windows – no slight on Linux… It is very approachable and there are several themes to choose from.
    GIMP – Image Program is very cool. Most intersting features of photoshop.

  3. yast2 is a dog. It is amazing that it got released in the state it did.

    Have a google for “smart” package manager.

  4. I installed SMART 0.41 with it’s GUI from SUSE distribution. Interesting, and very fast. It was ready to go in about 10 seconds or less rather than waiting on YAST for a couple of minutes. But SMART has one real problem, at least in 0.41. It doesn’t display the status of the packages with the little icon. You have the option of hiding installed, uninstalled, etc. but you can’t see immediately the status of the packages. This is a real problem. I guess I”ll upgrade SMART to 0.42 or something to see if the later version contains this feature. But without it, it’s a non-starter. I need to know what’s installed at a glance and know what to add. When I search for Python, I need to know what packages are installed and which are to be installed. And hiding everything that’s not installed makes the job harder not easier. How could they have missed that? The info is there, and each package has an icon. So light up the right icon with the status.

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