Linux Applications Experience

Here are some comments on the Linux apps that I’ve started using.

Linux is very culturally compatible with WinXP. Here are some comments in some random order: Click on pictures for a larger view.

  • SAMBA file sharing
  • Evolution Email
  • GAIM messenger
  • MySQL Administrator
  • KDevelop IDE C++ Programming

SAMBA file sharing
Easy to configure and use. All my network system share their hard drives for read. And now the Linux system is a full member of the network. There are probably ways to print documents with shared printers too, but I’ve not set that up yet. Here’s a screen of Nautilus file browser pointed across the network to a WinXP system.

Evolution Email
Evolution is just like Outlook Express, only better. Spell checking in line with those little red squiggly lines you are used to is a highlight. Calendars, contacts, memos and tasks are all there too. Sort of an Outlook Light rather than Outlook Express Heavy.

GAIM Instant Messaging

Leave it to OpenSource to solve the IM wars… Trillian has a combined client for the win-world, and GAIM is there with all of the protocols supported. MSN, YIM and AIM all in one application, with no messages selling you things in your face. And spell check with red-lines.


MySQL Administrator
I’ll be doing both website building and C++ development. MySQL is the database for website environments. MySQL admin is a tool I used on WinXP with Apache/ php to build websites. And it works here too of course.

KDevelop IDE C++ Development
Of course I’ll be doing some C++ development. KDevelop and Ajunta come with SUSE. I’ll start with KDevelop and the QT framework. The environment is very much like Visual Studio. Reliable and very functional.

More later,