Fix to SMF 1.1 convert.php

I’ve converted the phpBB2 forums on my site to Simple Machines Forums. Along the way I ran into some problems.

The convert.php module for conversion from other boards to SMF has at least two problems:

  • A field in the board table called lastUpdated is referenced. No such field exists in RC2 versions of the table.
  • A last step attempts to set the image width/height of attachment and avatar images. However, this code does not correctly set the full file path and the step fails in an infinite loop at the end of the process if there are missing avatar images.

As far as I know this is a complete fix for the problems. After running this version, the attachments correctly display as images in the posts. Missing images have width/height set to [20,20] to avoid the loop.
Fixed Convert 1.1RC2

Here’s the link back to the SMF boards: 1.1Converters