Don’t Forget Achievement Points

As you level up, and get your achievements, you get the opportunity to purchase some goodies including a sweet mount – at least I think so – and some minions and Barding for your Chocobo. By the time you get to 40-50, you’ll have enough for the mount and a minion or two. To cash in on your Achievement Certificates for the sweet rewards, see Jonathas in Old Gridania. If you are interested in Barding, look carefully before you purchase. There are some, IMHO, dumb choices like the Black Mage barding where the Chocobo is wearing a really dumb looking hat. I particularity like the Wild Rose Barding pictured below. It’s colorful and stylish rather than grotesque.

There are lots of choices for cute minions too, and based on the Wiki pages, it looks like some minions in this game actually help you fight. I have yet to see that happen, but I keep an eye out.

The Magitek Death Claw mount is actually quite nice and only costs 6 Achieve Certs, which is about 300 Achievement points. BTW, you don’t lose your points when you spend the certs. It keeps track of which points you’ve spent, but doesn’t reduce your total. Anyway, I like the mount because it’s smaller than many of the other mounts so it’s less in your way of seeing where you are going. It does make an annoying buzz while flying. And someday in a higher level area, I’m hoping it does actually fly. We’ll see.

Yes, I admit that it looks strange to be hanging from your shoulder blades under the mount. But honestly, it doesn’t hurt a bit and the ride is quite smooth.



Human Male Brawler Released

Another race/class combination has just been released for Tera – Human Male Brawler. As you may remember, Brawler was introduced as a Human Female only in keeping with the recent Gender Locked classes starting with Elin as Reaper. A few weeks ago we had an Elin Gunner released.

This practice of Gender Locking classes in Tera stands in stark contrast to Final Fantasy XIV where all races can play all classes – actually each and every character of any race can play all the classes and all the professions. In Tera of course, like most MMOs, you chose your class when you create your character and that’s it.

I started a new Brawler this evening named Charlie Nash after a Street Fighter character. Surprisingly, the Street Fighter character names are available in Tera. I would have guessed that folks would jump on those names for Brawler characters.

So if you’ve been waiting in Tera to be tough guy, now’s your chance.


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Market Sellers! Get a Clue!

I had a bunch of extra books taking up my Armory Chest so I decided to clean house. Any with spirit-bound, I munched into Materia of course. And then I sold the rest. Well, big mistake. I checked comparisons of the prices. Bad Idea.

Prices for Books On the Market

Then I had a thought. All of these are actually available at merchants. So I checked. Here are the prices adjusted to be a little lower than the merchants sell them for. See any differences?

Adjusted to be Lower Thanks Merchant Prices

So, looks like sellers on the market board just follow the market like I did and folks who buy there are getting ripped off big time if they aren’t careful.

If a nearby merchant sells your stuff, check their prices first, folks.



Samurai is Great Fun But Hard to Master

After trying Red Mage yesterday, I tried Samurai today.

I had my Bard up to level 50 and so I went to Ul’dah and signed up to be a Samurai. So the first couple of quests are not that bad. After a little training with your master, some guys show up with a grudge and while the low level guys are no problem, it takes a little while to take down the big guy. No big deal as long as you avoid his attacks.

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Red Mage – Very Interesting

If you  have purchased the Stormblood expansion, and you have reached level 50 with any class, you can talk to a Distraught Lass in Ul’dah to become a Red Mage. I just tried it. Very interesting. The first couple of quests are easy. Actually the first quest is just watching your mentor deal with a few bad guys. Then you dress up in Red Mage gear and help him with some other bad guys. Even though the above monster looks scary, you have help and your new skills to wear him down. Just stay to the side and avoid his attacks.

Unlike the Black Mage, which is just a new coat of paint on a Thaumaturge class, the Red Mage is really a new class with a new weapon and some pretty cool skills. The Red Mage is a magic wielding fencer with a Rapier weapon. I’ve just started, so I’m still figuring out which skills to use in a rotation. but one of the coolest skills, Scatter, seems to be an AOE on a pretty fast cool-down. We’ll see.

In other news, the Bard is now level 50, with a sweet new set of Armor and a nice bow from the Market Board for a reasonable price.



Where are the Smart Bosses?

[I don’t have pictures from the Antorus fight, but here are some pictures from Dungeons I’ve played in Wow. ] I saw this article in PC Gamer today.

It sounds like he must have been wearing a diaper, but never the less, that’s a lot of work.

In World of Warcraft, players are often willing to go to extremes just to say they’ve done it. Some might spend all their time grinding out hard to get achievements while others will run a raid boss hundreds of times in hopes of getting some rare loot. But Rextroy is of a higher caliber. He beat the first raid boss of Antorus, The Burning Throne all by himself—and it only took him a measly eight hours. His reward? I’m not sure exactly. Bragging rights? I guess?

You can watch the whole video here. It’s been compressed to about 13 minutes. You may want to watch the first few minutes and then skip to near the end to see him hiding in the pool to avoid the huge AOE attack that is supposed to challenge a Raid group of 10-15 players.

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Take an Uber Bird

The Uber Bird service, widely known as Chocobo Porters, are present in every city and most outposts. I recommend that you sign up at every one you see, so that you can return to them. These bird-rides are like Smart Cars, which we don’t have yet. They are at least as quick as running on your own mount, but you don’t have to steer, or worry about getting hit as you pass the bad guys.

Uber birds are most convenient as a way to return to the nearest major city. As a side benefit you can watch the scenery go by without worrying about hitting any obstacles or other players.


Why Do My Toes Drag?


My toes are dragging. My little Lalafell has no trouble with this Carbuncle mount, but anybody else is too big for this mount.  These mounts are very nice, and it’s great that they glow. But, all the other mounts come in several sizes to fit the races. Looks like three sizes based on what we recently saw with the Holiday Bears.


The Lalafel on the left and the Au Ra on the right both fit their bears.

Also notice how these Chocobo mounts fit their riders:


The shot in the barn shows me riding the largest one since I’m Au Ra, and the fellow next to me is a Lalafell with his mount out as a companion. Looks like the little mount is about 1/2 the size of the large one.

And this wolf mount with a Lalafell rider came in some other size for a larger race. And, notice how the Carbuncle does fit the Lalafell rider.



Wonder if they will fix the Carbuncle Mount to fit all races.