Barsoom Series for Kindle

Early Barsoom Cover

Way back in 1998 I bought a Rocket Ebook. At the time my idea was to not only read books, but to convert other content like magazine articles to the ebook. I was successful and also converted a set of books that I wanted to read: The Barsoom Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I have purchased a Kindle Touch – which will arrive in late November – so I’m investigating the Kindle Ecosystem using the Kindle for PC app. Originally I recall getting the text files for the books from project Gutenberg and converting them to the Rocket ebook format which was a variant of HTML. After going back to Project Gutenberg I found some of the books, but I then found a better set of editions at FeedBooks.

I also found a series of “Gender Switch” books written by Edna Rice Burroughs. Those look like they might be fun as well.

I got all the Barsoom series on the Kindle for PC, although I don’t see a way to Archive them directly. I’m sure there will be a way to get them into my kindle when it arrives. I’ve seen a note that indicates that you can connect the kindle to USB and then simply copy books to it. If I can find a Mobi format converter, then I can make my own content for kindle. I’m sure there is one out there.

More later,

– ww