FFXIV Event is Boring

This Moogle event is supposed to keep us busy while we get ready for the next patch. But it is so boring that I can’t stand doing it.

I’d like the gorilla mount for my Lalafel characters. Nothing is cuter than a Lalafel carried around by a gorilla. BUT.

It’s too boring to get these rewards. It requires 7 RUNS of Praetorium, which takes about 40 minutes each, and a run of something else. After running this dungeon dozens of times it is Soooooo Boring. I can’t stand it. I have several Lalafel characters, but I guess they will have to do without their mounts.

No Imagination

Since I joined FFXIV over three years ago, the events have always involved running only a few dungeons over and over and over. And I’ve done that a few times. But no more.

They could mix it up with something else. I would gladly run 50 fates that gave only 1 TOME each, but nope. Not a choice. There are a few dungeons that give one tome each, but I’d have to Wait many minutes since everyone is running the high payoff and I can’t run dungeons solo to get tomes. So forget it.

Guild Wars 2 is More Fun

I’ve just created a new character in Guild Wars 2. And while I have lots of XP Tomes to instantly – almost anyway – level her up to the cap of 80, and while I have crafting skills on my account to dress / outfit her with armor, weapon, jewelry etc. and while I have to start over visiting and opening up the world, that’s more fun than doing the same thing over and over. I’ve done the Guild Wars 2 maps / towns and story for a couple of dozen times before on my other characters, but it’s way more fun than spamming the same dungeon over and over. And sitting around for 10 minutes for the dungeon queue to pop.

In GW2, I’m never sitting around waiting on a party finder. Never wanting something to do as I explore the world. Events pop up as I explore and I see others and can help in many ways. While I leveled up and have good gear, I’m at home and while not crushingly challenged, it’s not trivial to fight in the low level areas as I explore the world.

FFXIV needs to update their thinking. Things are getting stale and boring. Boring events, no way to share progress among the characters of the account. Each character is silo’d and to share things you have to pass they through another player. FFXIV has dynamic events, called Fates, which are like the open world events in GW2, but they are second fiddle and don’t figure into events that FFXIV holds several times per year. No way to use Fates to get rewards for those events. Only a few dungeons. Booooooorrrrrrinng