For Sale: Core i7 2600 etc

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Most of a computer from 2011, still relevant today for many folks. Not suitable for cutting edge gaming, but outstanding for retro-gaming, school or office use, and many other uses.


  • Intel Core i7 2600 Processor – Left in Motherboard for safety.
  • ASUS P8 Z68-V Motherboard supporting Sata and USB-3.
  • 16 GB Ram
  • Choice of stock air cooler or H80 Corsair Water Cooler. Both Included.
  • Nvidia 560 Ti Graphics card
  • All original packaging and manuals.
  • Windows 10 activation for this processor / motherboard pair assumed.

Windows 10 was installed and has been installed a couple of times on the system over the years. Windows 10 will almost certainly be activated if installed again. However since Microsoft Activation requirements are opaque, no guarantee is provided. Install the latest windows 10 from a download of the installer to a Thumbdrive as described here.

Of course this system supports many Linux Distros including Linux Mint – my favorite – and many others.

Pictures of Parts Included


Provided AS-IS. System has been used for many years and was working fine when it was turned off. No warranty provided.

Not Provided

The following items, at least, are required to build a complete system using these parts:

  • Case of your choice which supports an ATX motherboard.
  • Power supply – 600 watts or greater suggested. Including provision to support PCIE Power for Supplied Graphics Card.
  • System Drive Sata SSD or Hard drive – 256GB suggested. NVME not supported. Cable Only.
  • Optional: DVD/BluRay drive, Additional HD/SSDs as desired.
  • Additional hardware parts including Thermal Paste, screws, Sata Cables etc.
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse of course. HDMI and DVI supported, but cables not supplied.

With these you’ll be able to build a very nice system using these parts.


Ebay Prices vary widely for this processor:

$200 OBO for the entire package.

Cash and pickup in agreed place in Charleston Oregon preferred.

Shipping possible if prepaid via Paypal including shipping.

Thanks for your interest. Craigslist posting is here.