Corner Cabinet Lights

After fixing the problem in the Corner cabinet with the baking sheets, I decided that I needed a light in the cabinet since I couldn’t see easily what I needed in there.

So I got some LED light strips, from the auto section, a cabinet switch and a magnetic cabinet closure. The lights are designed to be mounted under cars. Six strips, each a foot long, running on 12 volts for $10. I have a bunch of little power supplies lying around. After running for 1/2 an hour, this supply is barely warm running three light strips.

Now I needed a board to mount the lights on to put them at the top of the cabinet.

Mounting the Lights

I didn’t have a scrap large enough, so I glued some 1/4″ plywood scraps together to make a plate to hold the lights.

Looks like Lithium batteries make good clamps too. And then hot glue to insulate and hold the wires onto the plate. The LED strips have adhesive backing.

Mount the Light Plate, Switch and Power Supply

The plate is just screwed up under the cabinet. The switch is screwed to the cabinet opening at the top. The magnetic closure at the bottom. And it works pretty well. I wasn’t able to remove the screws holding the old closure, which was too weak to close the switch. I’ll have to use an oscillating saw when I get around to removing the old magnet.

Here are the cabinet lights working.

The power supply is in the sink cabinet to the left. It plugs into the outlet for the Disposer which I no longer have.

So Success. I can see in the cabinet now. I would fix up the mess in there if I cared, but alas, not.