Wood Pellets Wrapped in Natural Gas

Or, how about, Not?

Each year I get about two tons of pellets to heat my house. Sustainably Harvested Douglas Fir Pellets from here in Oregon. And each year these pellets come in “Plastic Bags” which of course are made from Natural Gas. And of course, these bags are not really Recyclable. Interesting Lie that we’ve been told for years by the Plastic Industry. Of course it is way cheaper to make new plastic than recycle it.

Up until this year, my pellet supplier was at least willing to take the bags away with the Pallets and Weather Wrap covers [ which are even heavier plastic]. But this year, they are not willing to “Take my garbage” and so I have saved all the bags and now have to throw them away with the Trash. I have always distinguished between “Organic” refuse as “Garbage” and “non-Organic” refuse as Trash, but never mind.

But the obvious, sustainable alternative for packaging is not available here in Oregon for wood home heating pellets. Obviously “Paper Bags” would be better.

Wood Pellets Industry Group Apparently Get the Problem

The wood pellets industry group at woodpellets.com apparently understand there is a problem, but don’t yet get the solution.

The Pellet Grill cooking folks and the backyard firepit pellet folks get that paper bags are a good idea. But as far as Google Knows, only the Italian company Concetti gets that heating pellets should be shipped in paper bags. They don’t make pellets themselves, but make the baggers for pellets that use Paper Freaking Bags.

Pellet Packaging in Paper is Available

One can only hope that the pellet manufacturers here in the US will eventually get that Wood Pellets should be shipped in Sustainable Wood / Paper bags.