Tera Fashion Coupons Don’t Work?

I got an email from Tera / Gameforge about a new redeem code with some goodies. I don’t play much any more, but what the heck. The items included Fashion Coupons for costumes. Cool. Way back in the day, you could farm BAMs [Big Ass Monsters] all day long and accumulate FCs for sweet outfits and weapon skins. But that shortly changed and the sources of FCs were put behind paywalls. Here’s the email offer: Don’t worry. The code is not a secret. Same for everyone if you wanna use it.

Cool. I have no idea what the other things are for, but I understand Fashion Coupons. Or so I think.

Redeem the Code

Cool enough. And pick the items up from Item Claim.

Fashion Coupons Don’t Work

But they are different from the ones I already have. Subtly different.

500 new ones. 129 old ones. Notice the only difference is the difference in the text description. Which is not very helpful.

So the only thing you can do with old ones is buy new ones at a 5-1 exchange rate. Which is a rip off, right? FCs that you have are “stolen from you” so they can get you to spend money to buy more? This happened before GameForge came along as I recall. And you can buy nothing with the new ones.


Tera Reddit Has the Answer?

Actually no.

A post about this apparently violated some secret rule about making a joke or something and a SJW Moderator shut me right down. Hey no problem. I have a voice here where I am the moderator.

Tera is Pretty Much Over

I’m not interested in Tera anyway. I pretty much became crap shortly after the Fate of Arun expansion. At that point they just devolved into adding dungeons and going full hog on power creep with Apex and other nonsense. No more real content. Fate of Arun was actually nice with new zones and a reasonable story. But after that I never saw anything interesting. And every time I logged in I was given new POWER CREEP gear to start my journey into the newer dungeons.

Sigh. Now even a giveaway is broken.

RIP Tera