Fibre Comes to Rural Oregon!


I just got a plain white envelope today with a card saying that Ziply Fibre Internet at 1Gbps will be available soon at my house.

Ziply Fibre? Who’s that?

Ziply Fibre has been spamming my IRL mailbox for months now about their fibre. Now they say they are finishing it up and in a plain white envelope is a card that says I can “Reserve” my connection now. The card and sign up web page does not give a price, but a google search says this:

Currently, I have Spectrum cable internet for $95/mo at about 400Mbps. So the Ziply price of $60 for 1Gbps, if that’s my price, is very reasonable. More later when I have an install date. I’m looking to cut the cord on my satellite dish in a week or so, so this would be a nice upgrade as well.