Dress Your Dancer

While I like the Dancer job in FFXIV, the initial outfit is not as nice as I’d like. Above on the left is the Original outfit – Softstepper gear. The top, gloves, and headgear [ if you choose to show it] are really fine. But the pants and shoes don’t really fit the style I like for my female characters. I prefer a thigh boots look with a little leg showing. Fortunately this look is easily obtained, as you can see on the Right above.

Boots are the Thing

The key element of this glamour is the “Eikon Leather Thighboots of Aiming”, which are easily obtained on the market board for a reasonable price. These boots can also be crafted if you have a level 3 master ability. Take care to get the version for “Aiming” since the “Scouting” version is for the Ninja job.

You’ll probably want to dye the boots either Rust Red or Rollandberry Red to better match the Softstepper Top.

Show Some Leg

Another element of the glamour is the pants. To show a little leg above the boots, glamorize the pants with the “Hempen Pantalettes” which are cheaply available for all races at any “Black Market Trader” in any of the capital cities. In this case, I’ve dyed the pantalettes “Ink Blue” which looks black. Rust Red or Rollandberry red are also good choices.

This simple and affordable change makes a great outfit to start with your dancer. There are probably better glamours in Stormblood and Shadowbringers, but this will get you going with your dancer.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.