Linux Mint Install into a VM

When installing Linux Mint 19, which is recently been released, into a VirtualBox Virtual Machine, the video went to snow, as shown below. I asked about this problem in the forums and didn’t get an answer so I posted a bug to the bug database on GitHub.


This is the response to the bug. It’s recorded here so that I can refer to it later in case I see this problem again.

So, if you are installing Linux Mint into a VirtualBox VM and the video goes to Snow, then use HOST-F2 to get a terminal window, and then HOST-F7 to get back to video. I have confirmed this works. HOST is the “Escape” key to talk to the Virtual Box and it’s usually the Right CTRL key. So HOST-F2 means hold the Right Control key and hit F2 on the keyboard.

This works for me and once Linux Mint is installed into your virtual machine, it boots normally. The install gets a proper video driver that does not show this glitch.