Wow – You are Still Not Prepared!

To send email across Realms, that is.


So with patch 7.3.0 – Shadows of Argus – , they have added the recognition that you have characters on other realms when you send email. But you can’t actually send email to those realms. Sigh. “You are not prepared!” as the old quote goes.



Sending to other realms gets you “You can’t send to that Realm” and of course if you try to send cross faction you still get “Target is unfriendly”.

Someday we can hope for cross realm, in-account at least, mail.

Addons are Trashed – most of them

In other news most of my addons don’t work.


I was disappointed that BankItems failed. Ark Inventory replaces all inventory displays and I don’t like that much. Gatherer failed, but GatherMate2 works apparently. But of course I lost all the data from Gatherer. At least TomTom and SellJunk works. And there’s an update for Wow-Pro so it works too.

At least I’m prepared to do some leveling with Wow-Pro.