Tera – Time to Balance Older Classes

Tera_2017_04_27_18_55_39_522xI’ve been playing a Berzerker recently after playing the new Valkyrie. This is a Zerker that’s been sitting for a year or more at about level 40, and I’ve played it recently for about 10 levels, so the equipment it currently has is based on the recent changes that reward tokens for Vanguard Requests.

My issue is that after all this time, the older classes, like the Berzerker, have not been updated to the new standard of DPS shown by the other classes.

Starting with Reaper of course, the recent classes have all been overpowered, but Blue Hole studios has never gone back to update the previous classes to the same DPS standard that these new classes enjoy.

Having recently played 3 Valkyries – on three servers – up to 65, as well as all the previous overpowered classes, I’m very familiar with the DPS done by the newer classes, and the recent upgrades to the classes that the Battle Solutions and Token gear provides as one levels a character. As I play this Berzerker it is readily apparent that this class is lagging both in DPS done and in survivability¬† because of vulnerability during skill wind up times. In spite of the fact that the Berzerker is wearing plate armor, compared with the Valkyrie Leather armor, the Valkyrie is more survivable – takes less damage – because it’s attacks occur much more quickly and often cause stuns.

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