Tera – New Dreadspire Dungeon and Other NonSense

Dreadspire Dungeon
Dreadspire Dungeon

In a few days, Tera will release an update with the Dreadspire Dungeon. The content of this dungeon shows that they are beginning to lose any semblance of creativity at Bluehole. This dungeon is merely an excuse to allow level 65 players to hammer things that they have to work at and to get some re-hashed gear and skins that Bluehole hopes you will find interesting.

To see what I mean, have a look at the stream that shows you the dungeon. Dreadspire Intro Stream. The dungeon is described here. Basically it is a 20 level stack up of the same circular arena over and over with a different Boss at each level. Crack the crystal in the center to start the battle. End of story.

The bosses are all those that you’ve seen before. Of course after you go through all the ones from the original game – like Basilisks and Jesters – you see the ones from the Fate of Arun expansion. Big deal. And they have all the same hack, yes hack, that makes them more challenging. The skill bar resets over and over as you fight them. These bosses need to have so much HP that a single health bar would be boring, so the bar has all the colors of the rainbow which count down as you wear down the boss to zero. Sigh…

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