Tera – Gathering for Your New Reaper

Your New Reaper
Your New Reaper

Great. So now you have a Reaper. And after you finish the starting area, you find that you have no gathering skills. What’s the best way to get going? Well you might start with a gathering guide. But it might be out of date. I started with this one. But I found some hints to get going.

First of all, the Fey Forest may not be the best place to start actually. You might want to start your 0-100 gathering on the Island of Dawn. The nodes seem to be closer together, of all types and you don’t have to mess around with fighting anything, as easy as that is.

Island of Dawn – Tier 1 Gathering

Head over to tower base and then head South toward the abandoned camp.

Island of Dawn - Tier 1

Island of Dawn – Tier 1

There are no mobs [monsters] in the abandoned camp. Pick a high channel, but noobs don’t come here anyway since there is nothing but gathering here. A change to the starting quest chain left this whole area abandoned, but they left the gathering nodes. And they spawn very quickly. Although this may have changed with the last update, the Fey Forest nodes where changed a while ago to have a very long spawn time. Just circle the camp until you reach 102 for all three types of gathering. Don’t overdo any of them though since you don’t want to use up production points, which were added to limit gathering and crafting.

Tier 2 – Celestial Hills

Now pull your Veliks Horn skill to head to Velika – you got that skill right? Or see a trainer to get it. Take a TP to the Trader’s Post North of Velika and then ride North to Celestial Hills. We will be gathering in the Southern part only, so no need to go to Lumbertown. It’s a much shorter ride from Velika.

Tier 2 Celestial Hills
Tier 2 Celestial Hills

Just start by the camp in the West near the lake and when you finish plants there, move East to pick up mining and then Energy in the East. Whack a few bams in the extreme East if you like. Pick up a few campfires and scrolls from killing them. When you are done, ride South toward Velika and then Unstuck when you are within range of Velika and then fly to Tulufan.

Tier 3 – Colossal Ruins

Colossal Ruins is just North West of Tulufan. Run to the first camp and begin your gathering.

Tier 3 Colossal Ruins

Tier 3 Colossal Ruins

There are some interesting Giants in the far North West of this zone. Have fun and pick up some more goodies if you like. No challenge yet. but fun.

Tier 4 – etc. More later

Follow the guide.