Made My Flying Carpet

Closeup While Flying

I just made my flying carpet. It takes a lot of work to achieve Tailoring (300). The best way to do that is to use a plan from one of the many websites, such as Wow-Professions. My Death Knight brother helped a lot to get me the materials, and I followed the guide for farming as well as the tailoring.

Getting the Materials

Once you level up the tailoring skills to 300, you can purchase the pattern for the flying carpet. The materials are pretty easy to get and reasonably cheap, except for Golden Draenite.

My brother has good mining skills and while working in Hellfire Peninsula mined all the deposits but got no GD.

About a week ago I checked the Auction House and there were some GD items going for about 40G, which is pretty high. I bid 38G on 4 of them and was able to get one that way, but lost the other bids. Yesterday when I checked, there were some going for 10G each, so I bought them immediately, and was able to make the carpet.

It took a week or so of working, as my brother Death Knight leveled up, to get the materials to level my tailoring skill and funds to get the carpet. But it’s worth it to show that I’ve worked to achieve something interesting.

– wg