Wow – Death Knight Class – Early Experience

Death Knight Night Elf at 61

Once you level at least one character in your account to level 55, you can create Death Knight class characters of any Race on any Realm. Death Knights start at level 55, so all the drudgery of getting to level 55 is eliminated, but there are other problems to deal with. There are many notable experiences and problems for a Death Knight:

  • While you start at level 55, you have only 20 silver in your bank.
  • The starting quest chain is a tight story line, which is exciting and engaging. While it is not as rich with cinematics and dialog as the Undead quest chain in the Silverpine forest, it leads you through a story that places you in the world and fills in your back story.
  • You will find yourself at level 58 with an updated weapon and some new armor pieces when the quest chain ends.
  • The story ends differently for Horde and Alliance based on your race. But I’ll not spoil your experience by telling you the end.
  • Your only starting profession is First Aid and it is leveled for you to about level 200, so you can built quite nice bandages should you need them. Continue reading “Wow – Death Knight Class – Early Experience”