Stuck Quest – How Can It Be Canceled?

As I have taken 3 characters through Ether Saga to levels about 20, I have made some mistakes in how I have done the quests. Two of the characters reached the mid 20’s before I began to go back through the training quests to find the Cloud glide mount. When I did that, for one of the characters I took a quest that I have not been able to complete or remove from my Quest dialog.

Quest tab with Stuck Quest

As you can see here, the quest “Retrieve Wu’s Notebook” cannot be removed since the “Trash” button is Disabled. However, the quest cannot be completed by the level 28 [at the time] character because the character receives no drops in the dungeon. The dungeon boss was killed – after quite a bit of effort – and there was no drop of the notebook. On attempting the quest a second time, the helper quests in the dungeon were attempted. These quests give drops of a transform card or other items to make it easier to kill the boss. After killing perhaps a hundred low level characters in the dungeon, no drops occurred.

Is there a way to remove this quest from the quest panel? Obviously it cannot be completed.



ANSWER: Apparently no way except to purchase a Wu’s Notebook.

Level 28 Character with Stuck Quest

Click for a larger view.