Open Office iCal Importer

I have started using Google calendar and now I want to analyze the events that I’m saving. Google provides a calendar, but no tools to analyze the events on a calendar. Also they only provide iCal format export of the calendar and no way to move the calendar to Google Docs. An iCal importer for Open Office Calc would have the widest appeal and widest platform support. I have written a simple importer for Open Office 3.1.1. I have not tested it on other versions of OO. You can download it here: iCal_Import_04 The download link it as the top of the page. Wave your cursor at the top of the page to see the V symbol for the download link. Enjoy. BTW, does not allow posting of any zip files so I had to move the file to google drive.

After an Import

One of the things that I needed to do was to add up times that I spent on certain activities. By adopting conventions about how to fill in the event summary field, and adding a column for Duration, it’s easy to do this. To use the importer, download it and unpack it to your hard drive. You may need to adjust your Security settings to allow macros to run, and possibly set a folder on your hard drive as a trusted source. Open the spreadsheet with Open Office 3.1.1 or later. I suggest you Save As… to a new name as soon as you open it to avoid modifying the original file. Once you have saved it with the name you like, run the main macro as follows:

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