Karmic Koala – File Sharing, and Display Size Glitch

I just upgraded my Ubuntu Linux system to Karmic Koala [ 9.10 ] from Gutsy Gibbon [7.04]. As you can tell, it had been some time since I had upgrade. The good news is that the upgrades, through 8.04, 8.10, 8.04, to 9.10, went without a hitch, although they took over 3 hours.

And network file sharing, SAMBA or SMB, works without a hitch with no modifications to the built in configuration. Hurray!!!. You may remember a previous post about Ubuntu Not Playing Nice that showed the modifications that I had to do to BIND and to SMB configuration to get things to work. UPDATE: file sharing worked because I had fixed it in Gutsy. It still DOES NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX with Karmic Koala.

See this post for how to start to make it work with Karmic [9.10].

Well everything works just fine now. No changes to any of the default configuration files. As you visit the first sites, I had to allow Samba to access the KeyRing and enter passwords, but after that all is well. I use the same login for all my machines, so I only had to enter that login once for it to work everywhere. I have Win XP, Vista x86 and Vista x64 machines so this is good news for almost everyone. BTW, it works to another machine running Gutsy too, which I’m in the process of upgrading.

But there was a small glitch when I did the last upgrade, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

The upgrade process takes you though each of the upgrades in sequence. No skipping ahead. So it takes a while. There are dialogs that tell you about the changes you may have made to configuration files for some components, like SAMBA, so you have to watch for those since they stop the upgrade. At first I keep my changes, but finally decided to see if they had fixed problems and said REPLACE to take the new files. There were only three of those as I recall, SAMBA and a couple of others, like Internet Time and one other that was so obscure that I don’t recall having changed it.

When the upgrades finally finished, the display was left in a strange state. The desktop was too large for the screen, and dragging the mouse panned the desktop around on the screen. This computer has an NVIDIA display controller, and apparently there is a little glitch or two to be worked out with that integration. Here’s a picture of the entire Desktop image as captured with Screenshot.

If you try to set the display size you get an error.

If you say YES at this point, which is what is indicated, then you go to the NVIDIA panel and you can’t fix the panning problem. Here’s the NVIDIA panel.

But this is set correctly to 1600 x 1050 [ which is my monitor size.] But… that doesn’t fix the panning issue.

There is another error with this panel that I don’t understand.

If you save the configuration, you get an error.

Not sure what’s up with that.

So the right way to fix this is to say YES to the first dialog about the graphics driver support and you get the built-in display dialog:

This was set incorrectly to 1900×1200, which caused the panning. By setting the resolution to 1600×1050, all is well. Minor glitch.

By the way, I enabled visual effects in System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects > Extra, and the waving windows are way cool.

The reason for upgrading my Ubuntu is so that I can do Safe Online Banking with no fear of Trojans stealing my banking information. I’m going to be doing all my online banking using Ubuntu now.

Have a good one.

– Windy