Hypercosm Fails in Firefox 3.X

Update: Fixed in a new release of the Exporter. A working version of the scene is here.

Fails in Firefox 3.0.12 and 3.5.2. Website reported as a failed site.

Using Max 2009 on Vista x86, SP1, I created and exported a simple scene with a knot, 3 lights and a camera.

Here is the scene on this website.

The model does not play in Firefox 3.0.13, either from the file system or from this website.

It does play in MS IE 8 both from the file system or from the website.

The samples on the hypercosm website play in both MSIE 8 and Firefox 3.

This is what the model should look like.


I’ve rebooted the system at least once after installing HyperCosm. It seems very odd that the plugin does not work in Firefox for my model, when it works perfectly well on the samples and works in MSIE 8.

– windy