OpenOffice Base 2.4 – Report Problem

OpenOffice Base 2.4 running on Vista Ultimate [x86 or x64].

Dynamic reports fail with the data not matching the column headers. Static reports work.

Update: This is a known problem. The problem is that the name TITLE doesn’t work as a report column. This means that no column of a database table can be named TITLE if dynamic tables are used.

Here is the table. This is an OO native database. The database is provide below.

Use the Report Wizard to generate a Dynamic Report with the following columns.

Note that the report is wrong. The AUTHOR appears under the title. It doesn’t matter whether we sort on the title, as intended or not. The bug still appears if the report is dynamic.

The data is correct if a static report is generated with the same fields.

This is a ZIP archive of the native database. 609KB.

windybooks_native ZIP

– windy