Virtual Audio Cable 4 – woops, an unsigned driver

Vista requires signed drivers. I found out the hard way a few weeks ago when I installed a demo version of Corel Photo Album 6 that ignoring this error can be very troublesome. I have found out the hard way that you must uninstall any programs that install unsigned drivers before you reboot. Vista refuses to boot when there is an unsigned driver. Recovery requires that you boot with the recovery disk and then do a system repair. This is a very nasty and time consuming fix. You can use a System Recovery after the uninstall, but do not reboot before you attempt this.

I tried the demo version of Virtual Audio Cable 4 from this website. The product says that it supports vista, but the demo version install tossed the following dialog during the install:


At the end of the install I got this:

Which I have learned not to trust given my previous experience.

After this I did an uninstall of the product and a system restore to the automatic restore point from midnight. That was probably overkill the uninstall would have probably fixed the problem.

Here is a link to my system configuration.

I look forward to using Virtual Audio Cable 4, but only after this problem is solved.

Thanks very much,
– windy